About Jane

I am Jane, the founder of Jane Sheeba Media. My aim is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and internet marketers. When success is usually not a straight road, I am determined to make it a straight road for entrepreneurs and help them achieve success quite faster than the “usual”.

Success needs a little bit of definition here – success is a relative term and it differs for everyone. Defining your own success is the very first step. I am here to help you all the way! Be it personal or business success, you can count on me.

By the way, if you are into blogging, head over to Problogging Success to achieve blogging success faster. If you’re an entrepreneur (of any sort) or if you’re interested in self-improvement, motivation, and inspirational stuff to make your personal and business life fresh and boosted every day, I’ve got ya covered at this blog, Jane Sheeba.com.

I’ve authored two e-books, Problogging Action Plan and Guest Blogging Champion to help bloggers succeed in their blogging career.

I am the proud owner and author of Problogging Success, Tech Buzz Online and Merry Relationships.

Even though I started blogging for fun and time pass, I later realized the “power” of blogging both in terms of making a change (doing my bit) and in terms of earning money.

Oh and I’m going to write the rest of this page in third person, just for fun (excuse me grammar addicts!)

Why is Jane blogging?

  • Coz she is passionate about it.
  • Coz she knew that she could open up streams of income “through” blogging.
  • Coz blogging is a wonderful way to voice her opinion on the internet.
  • Coz blogging is an extremely powerful way to communicate with the masses and (hopefully) do her bit to make a change.
  • Coz she is addicted to it.

Jane’s Expertise

Jane’s interests range from blogging and social media to that of news and happenings in tech world and maintaining happy relationships. You can benefit from her expertise by reading any of her blogs:

Problogging Success

If you are a blogger and want to achieve professional blogging success, this blog is for you. The main categories covered in this blog are Blogging tips for successful blogging, SEO, link building, List building, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing and Blogger personal development.

She’s offering two free ebooks “Problogging for Newbies” and “Your Guide To Better Time Management“, so go grab them!

Jane’s Premium Ebooks

Her premium ebook “Problogging Action Plan” helps you identify your blogging goal and helps you devise a professional action plan to achieve that goal.

Guest Blogging Champion” is to help bloggers achieve quicker blogging success through guest blogging in a systematic manner. Given her guest blogging experience, Jane shares her own success strategies in this book.

Can I Really Make Money Blogging – your questions answered.

Tech Buzz Online

If you want to know about cool and nifty tech news (including that of gadget reviews), new product releases, review on games, and social media news, you can find about it on this blog.

The main categories in the blog include Gaming, Android, Apple, Tablets/Laptops, Social Media and General tech news.

Merry Relationships

If you want to keep your love relationship healthy and happy, you can benefit from self-help relationship posts from this blog.

The main categories include Long Distance Relationship, Married Life, Dating, Conflict in relationships and advice for Singles.

Diet Fitness Deck

I’m cautious about my well-being and fitness and hence I co-write on this blog with my hubby.

Jane’s Kindle Store

Jane’s premium ebooks (the ones mentioned above) are also available on Kindle. Apart from those she has authored some lite Kindle books which are available for $0.99. You can check out the collections here:

Jane’s Kindle Store

If you’ve already purchased and read any of these books, Jane would highly appreciate if you could leave a feedback on Amazon Kindle!

How can Jane help you?

Jane offers a variety of services to give you a helping hand and make you go up the ladder. Here is a list of services you can avail from her:

  • Blog consultation
  • Blog maintenance
  • Blog audit
  • Keyword research
  • Thesis theme customization
  • Freelance writing
  • and anything to help you succeed with blogging.

You can find details about her services at this page.

Something more about Jane?

Jane is happily married to a very rational, helpful and a motivating guy. She has a 1+ year old boy who keeps her happily busy :). The guy and the boy are Jane’s sunshines and the greatest motivating factors behind whatever she does.

Jane is an introvert, when it comes to face to face interactions. But she can interact very well when it comes to online interactions.

She is very camera shy, and that’s why she doesn’t make a lot of videos (but she wishes, truly). As an alternate she is doing screencast tutorials :).

She is systematic and organized (not to boast) but can get quite shaky over a crisis, even if she has a plan B; seems that’s not quite good.

Jane’s research

Jane currently works as a Young Scientist in the field of Medical Physics. Her research is on synchronization in complex networks, mostly related to  neuronal oscillation in the brain. She mathematically models interacting neuronal populations and simulates several kinds of desirable and non-desirable (pathologic) synchronization states in the brain.

She seeks phenomenological explanation to underlying dynamics of such states and find a way to hypothesize enhance/suppress desirable/non-desirable synchronization states. Non-desirable targets include, Parkinsons tremors, epileptic seizures, and so on.

You can contact Jane through any means given in this page.