These little know tricks will help you get more blog traffic!

Everyone who starts a website looks for more traffic.

Most give up on their sites due to lack of it. In this guide you are going to learn how to get more traffic by leveraging existing content.

Many website owners/bloggers don’t repurpose their blog’s content. The reason may be in their belief that merely publishing content on their blogs is going to be enough.

Hoping that it sticks without spending any additional time and effort on the post is almost always going to backfire.

Repurposing your blog’s content into different formats can help drive more traffic to the site.

There are many ways to repurpose content and many places where you can share it to get more traffic.

The good news is that repurposing content isn’t a tough thing to do. It requires some hustle followed by consistency, but the rewards are generous.

In fact, some of the steps that I am going to discuss today are going to be so easy that you start wondering why you hadn’t thought of this yourself.

Repurpose content as social media posts

Of late I have noticed several memes garnering a lot of social media love.

It isn’t some accident. Memes often are very adept at conveying strong ideas in brief one liners. Accompanied by eye catching images, they are the perfect recipes to stir up social media storms.

The gist of the blogpost content can very well be conveyed through memes and other social media posts.

Remember to always add a striking image along the social media post. Studies have proven time and again that images get shared many times more. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

Again social media offers the added advantage of making the post easy to share. By making your posts easy to share, asking readers to share them you can get more traffic.

Create an email newsletter series

You might have heard the old adage that goes along the lines. “The Money is in the List”.

I am not going to be sharing list building techniques. I am hoping that you are already building your list.

If so, turning a relevant blogpost into a series of email newsletters may not be a bad idea.

If the post was written ages ago, time would have hidden it behind layers of digital dust. An email newsletter series can infuse new life into the old post, get many more people interested in the lessons you offered with the original post and much more.

Create infographics

I spoke about the benefits that images serve. Infographics take it to a new level.

They are easy to engage, conveys lots of useful into byte sized format. It’s needless to say that infographics often always promote social media shares and natural links.

Neil Patel has been especially successful with Infographics.

For the Kissmetrics blog, it helped generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks.

On the Quicksprout blog, each infographic generated 41,487 visitors and 469 backlinks from 38 unique domains with an average of 621 tweets and 572 likes.

Slideshare presentations

Slideshare is another platform to leverage.

Slideshare gets massive traffic. Its sometimes you redirect some of that traffic to your site.

Slideshare makes it easy for anyone to share visual content. Transforming your blogpost to visually enhanced set of slides shouldn’t be much work. You may have heard of Anna Hoffman of Traffic Generation Café. She generated  243,000 views in only 30 days from her SlideShare presentations.

She was also able to gain first page rankings for slideshare presentations. With a high domain authority, it doesn’t take much effort to rank slideshare presentations.

Recreate the blogposts in whole on other platforms

Time and again I have found myself getting immersed on posts that appear on Medium.

I have found that good content on Medium almost always finds its way to my Facebook feed.

Medium is very powerful reblogging and blogging platform.

Most content on Medium seem to have a penchant for great content.

Benjamin Hardin for example, was able to get lots of visitors simply by copy pasting his blog’s content onto Medium


If you haven’t heard of Quora, then you probably have been living under a rock.

Quora has quickly become one among the fastest growing social networks. I spend a lot of time on these days. It’s a Question and Answer social media network.

Famous personalities, celebrities, scientists, professors — you can find a wide array of people here.

And the good thing is that Quora can send traffic for many months or years. The answers get promoted by their in house team and you never know when you are going to hit the jackpot.

Plus sites like Forbes sometimes source content directly from Quora. I have also seen content from Quora getting syndicated on sites which I would call click bait for lack of a better term.


The kind of sites that present emotional stories in your facebook feed.

Most of these sites get upwards of 100k pageviews every month. There’s no doubt that Quora can drive massive traffic numbers.

I have also seen Quora answers ranking on the first page of Google for many long tail questions.

This is just one example.

On Quora you can contribute answers to topics relevant to your sites that are spin-offs of your blogposts.

You may even copy paste content as it is (don’t plagiarize from elsewhere) and attribute the source which is something of your authorship.

Concluding thoughts

As you saw on the post, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to drive traffic to your blog/website.

All it requires is repurposing your content on other sites and social media platforms.

Slideshare presentations, infographics, leveraging other blogging platforms etc. are just more of the ways. If you know more you can share with us in the comments below.

So what are you waiting for? Start hustling today to get the traffic you deserve.

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  • I recently stumbled upon Quora. And I say it's a great platform where you can find a ton of great people to connect with.

    It's also a great platform for coming up with rocking ideas for your content.

    Just make sure to pick the right topics to answer. Instead of linking to your posts, answer them and add a link to the post as a reference. That way you can convince more people to visit your sites.

    I saw so many new Quora users getting millions of views by writing great answers.

    If done right, it can alone bring you massive results.

  • I have been relying on social media for traffics. But it seems there are more in my choice basket.

    Though I knew little bit of infographics and giving answers in forums like Quora, I have not heard of slideshare - which of course appears quite realistic.

    But I am wondering if we create whole of the post in another platform, we won't be penalized by search engines for contents duplication.


  • These are all great tips. The key will be doing several of them on a consistent basis. Blogging success comes from consistency. So a pick a few of these tips that you like and do them for several months straight.

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