The Consolidated Blogging Tips (Video) Series

Consolidated blogging tips series

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner blogger or an experienced blogger, you always seek for blogging tips, right?

It is because you always need tips or advice or strategies in every stage of your blogging.

And blogging is not something you do one off and reap the benefits.

It is an ongoing thing, that you learn and improvise on the go.

So you definitely need tips when blogging regardless of whether you are a newbie blogger or an advanced blogger.

What are the best blogging tips you need?

Well, you need blogging tips from experts and people who have “done it” rather than another blogger who is a newbie and has started a blog on blogging niche (duh!).

It is not uncommon to see numerous bloggers start a blogging tips blog while they themselves are new comers to the field.

May be it is because they read many blogging tips for newbies and then from the knowledge they start a blogging tips blog to teach others how to blog – even before they actually know how to blog!

It is funny. But it is also quite a serious issue because it makes genuine bloggers who seek for blogging tips to improve their blog, fall for it.

I can say that the whole “blogging tips” niche has become overcrowded with numerous blogs that are started by beginner bloggers sharing blogging tips for the others.

So when you Google a term like “blogging tips” or “blogging tips for small businesses” or “blogging tips for beginners” you will get loads of results, most of which are rehashed stuff published by beginner bloggers themselves.

There are some golden nuggets hidden in the sea of rehashed, mediocre blogging advice, but you need to unearth them through many Google searches.

And it is not just a time consuming process, but it is also not a straightforward process.

  • Searching for blogging tips,
  • sifting through the numerous results,
  • reading through many rehashed, mediocre pieces of content,
  • getting distracted in between with any of the shiny offers,
  • get back on track after hours,
  • search for blogging tips again … to resume where you left off,
  • and this continues…

Seems familiar?

So let’s end this hard way of doing things, and get things done the smart way shall we?

Let me introduce you to The Consolidated Blogging Tips Video Series!

Watch the video to know more about the series.

This video series has 7 videos and in each video I share 5 blogging tips you absolutely need to succeed with blogging!

More importantly, all the tips you need to succeed with blogging – including the technical tips, tips that shape your mindset, productivity tips and so on – are all combined in one place.

You don’t have to do another 100 Google searches and sift through 1000s of web pages to unearth the tips you need to improve your blog!

You have everything you need to improve your blog in ONE place – this page. And this page is for you irrespective of whether you are a beginner blogger or an experienced blogger.


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