How To Be Successful: When Success Takes Too Long …

How To Be Successful: When Success Takes Too Long …


We all want fast success, right? Success is a magnetic word, especially for entrepreneurs.

Why is it so? Coz we put a lot of hard, if not smart effort, into our business. We invest our time, money, energy and expertise. We make many sacrifices. We take risks.

We do stuff religiously and we do them sincerely. But what if it takes too long to experience success?

How to keep the motivation going? Or how to stay afloat? That’s what I’m gonna discuss in this post.

By the way this post is motivated by the following comment left by Maddy in this post > 3 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

 But it’s not so easy to be consistent in learning process, a person who is not getting success from a long time, how he can be consistent and hard working in his work?

when success takes too long comment

The question is in fact quite reasonable. Given that there is no such thing as “luck” and also if such a thing exists, it doesn’t happen by default, when it takes a while to succeed, it is natural that people get turned off.

Yes, all the work seems to have gone in vain and there is no hope left. The batteries discharge quite fast and it seems that your journey towards success is one of the hardest parts in your day to day living.

If you’ve had this feeling, you’re not alone. I’ve been there too. I’m sure almost all of today’s successful entrepreneurs have been there too.

Not everyone is able to achieve success in the first try, or in a very short time – except for those who use shortcuts a.k.a black hat methods. I am not saying that quicker success is totally impossible. But when success takes a while, it is not something to panic or be discouraged about.

OK now coming directly to the focus of this post, what should you do when success takes too long? Let’s dive right in.

Do you have a success strategy?

key success factors

The first and the foremost thing you should be taking care of is to look for a success strategy. While you may have been busy working towards the end point, you might be simply working hard but not smart.

Doing this and that won’t take you where you want to go. Rather you should have a strategy in place. You need a “system” that has the right tasks which will help you succeed.

You need a strategy that has the key success factors blended right into it – and please note that the key success factors will vary from person to person and business to business – the requirements of not all business is the same.

And this means that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. You have to spend time and effort to find yours.

When you work without a strategy, success will certainly take too long.

Even if you work with a strategy, and if success takes longer you need to pause and analyze if your strategy is right! And that’s the next thing I’m gonna discuss.

Analyze your efforts to become successful

When you’re running last to the finish line, it is quite discouraging. But don’t let that feel overwhelm you. Rather, pause whatever you do and take a nice look at the things you did.

As I discussed just above, find out whether you have a success strategy in place. If not, sit down and create one.

If you already have a success strategy in place, it is now time to analyze it. You might be using the wrong or ineffective tactics.

Find out what works and what doesn’t. Do more of what works and eliminate the stuff that doesn’t work (or holds you back) from your strategy.

Analyzing your efforts often is a great practice even if you have achieved success. Coz, you should always know what made you a success story and use it effectively for your next venture.

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

From my experience (of tasting success at various small and somewhat bigger ventures), here are the things you absolutely need:

1. Confidence

2. Clarity (clear and precise goals)

3. Passion

4. Knowledge, awareness, skills etc.

5. The right action plan

6. Willingness to give it the best shot.

Courtesy: People have asked me these questions since I started my online business

If you don’t have any of these qualities, you will certainly have a hard (and long) time succeeding.

Also see if you have the “right” qualities to succeed. Don’t panic – its not about the “qualifications” but qualities. Here’s a post that will help you:

3 Qualities of successful entrepreneurs and bloggers

Or watch this video:

If you don’t have what it takes to succeed, its going to take longer.

Keep yourself motivated

I’ve kept this for the last, but certainly this is not the least. Keeping your spirit up will be really tough when you are dragging your feet towards the finish line.

Have buddies who share similar goals. Update yourself on each other’s progress.  Help each other succeed.

Your success buddies (OK I call them so) need not live close to you. They can be your online buddies as well!

Don’t forget to relax once in a while. Brilliant business ideas occur while at the shower or while taking a walk in the park – not to mention while in the shower too!

Give yourself your personal and relaxing time – that will clear the blocks.

Read success stories and more importantly, failure stories. Success stories will teach you a thing or two about success but failure stories will teach you a LOT.

When success takes too long …. takeaway

I’m sure almost all of us would have had this feeling of not being able to succeed even after putting in a lot of effort. And everyone else seem to move faster and go ahead.

But accepting that this is something quite normal will help you stay motivated and focused. And the tips I’ve shared above will help you too!

Let me know how you cope with the “success takes too long” thing.


  1. says

    TRUE! Sometimes, you feel that all your hard work is in vain when you don’t see results. It just gets frustrating by the day. You keep scratching your head telling yourself, where should I improve? What did I do wrong? There’s a lot of things that makes you think why isn’t my business not going off like I wished it would… Success doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with hardwork and a great deal of dedication.

    Thanks for the share in Bizsugar Jane!

    • says

      Hey Teepu, glad you found the post through the Bizsugar share :) One of my most fav communities :)

      Sure while scratching the head, we learn a lot – we figure out what worked and what didn’t!

  2. says

    Hello Jane,
    I saw your blog on justretweet and decide to jump in the conversation 😀 . Success is one hard goal to achieve because there is always obstacles you’ll face along the way. The art of never giving up is the only and sure way to achieve success. Thanks for this lovely post Jane and do have a lovely week ahead…

    • says

      Hey Baba, yes there are always obstacles on the way. But also success that is achieved quite easily without obstacles might be taken too lightly! So obstacles are in a way good to have :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. says

    Good stuff, as so many are struggling to succeed these days. It helps to know that there’s more to life than ‘achieving’. I help others to ‘LIVE’ as a whole via my site as ‘WELL’. Thank you for your helpful ideas and insights as well …

  4. says

    I can definitely relate to this article sometimes it’s not easy to feel confident or motivated on a daily basis but you have to just keep going and keep your eyes on the prize. All the stories of successful people have had challenges and even setbacks. Thanks for writing this blog post with a lot of insight!

  5. says

    Great post, Jane.

    So many online marketers who could be successful fail, because they really don’t grasp and master the daily tasks that lead to cash flow and stay motivated long enough to see their efforts compound and produce results.

    Mindset is so key.

    Please keep sharing.


  6. says

    HI Jane, great as usual. I think I need to get better at networking. I am an awesome learner – love learning and growing. But I need to do better at networking. I’m a dedicated fighter too – I mean I stick with things. Thanks again, Amy

  7. says

    I guess patience is a big factor in order to succeed especially when you are waiting for the time to be successful. Having a clear and direct goal and sticking to that goal are two great things that should be given focused everyday because as you say, luck does not exist, and if it does it is not coming just out of the blue.

  8. says

    Great post Jane. It’s so important to keep on track especially when things are not going too well. You have given some great advice here.

  9. Kingsley Agu says

    I’ve thought time without number severally about giving up. I guess what kept me from not giving up so quick, was the gift of patience and the joy that what I write and hit publish on each time – is what gives me joy.

    I believe why people give up so quick is mainly that they’re not blogging on things that they love and can never get tired talking about to their friends. Some follow friends and get burnt up in the process.

    I’m just happy I followed the right path. Thanks once again for this insightful comment.

  10. Lisa says

    The scenario of success getting delayed is not uncommon. But those who keep up the spirits and stay motivated only make it to the finish line obviously! It is easier said than done, though!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips Jane.

  11. Stacey says

    I think we just have to be patient. Success will come eventually to those who works hard and knows how to wait. Thanks! :))

  12. Kelly says

    I like your SMART strategy. Yeah, time-based. Let’s not look at it like a lottery. It might take more than an overnight for success to exist.

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