Sluggish Day: 3 Ways To Get Yourself Moving

Sluggish Day: 3 Ways To Get Yourself Moving

Sluggish Day

Sluggish days occur for everyone. You can’t expect to be bubbly, charming, enthusiastic and jumping around with energy all days of the week. There are some days that simply don’t fit your busy schedule. There are some days when you can’t move things as you would move them on a “normal” day.

No matter how trained and how smart you are, these kinda sluggish days attack you once in a while (or even more often). It is quite normal to have such days. There’s nothing to panic, nothing to worry about.

The only alarming thing is that if you find yourself sluggish all days. If this happens you are being lazy and you’re being a procrastinator. You can’t deny that fact. And this “once in a while sluggish” thing is NOT your excuse.


Now that you know you will be invaded by sluggish days, you need to find a way to “spend” those days in a fruitful and productive manner. Even if you accept yourself sluggish on such days and give yourself a nice excuse, your boss might not understand that “today is your sluggish day”. Your customers won’t wait for tomorrow until you get over with the sluggishness.

Ultimately you will need to find something, a loop hole or something, to get over with it and move things. Even though you won’t be able to achieve things in the way you would do on a normal day, you can always somehow do it – that’s the point I’m trying to make here.

Let’s dive in!

Get to try out something new

Sluggishness gets a nice boost if you go round and round doing the same thing again and again. Imagine you travelling to your office, sitting at your desk, seeing the same type of files and coming back home – without any doubt, this is a typical routine. Even though you will be meeting people, attending meetings, take short breaks, talk over the phone etc., ultimately you are doing the same kinda things.

On a sluggish day, this kinda routine will literally kill you. Instead of taking the routine try something out new. If you regularly travel to office by bus, try the train. If you drink coffee in the break try drinking tea. If you chat with the same lady next to you during lunch, try bringing in 2 or more friends.

Pick up those projects that are on the shelf and lost hope. Find out a client with whom you successfully did a sale and follow up. Break the routine. Your sluggishness will be substantially reduced; even it its there you won’t be affected much.

Get committed and publicize it

If your day starts so slow, make yourself a commitment. Tell yourself that you’ll finish writing that report before lunch. Organize that meeting. Send that email. Whatever it is, get yourself committed to it.

If plain commitment is not enough, try yourself a little treat. Appreciate yourself. Give yourself little prizes for doing things in a fixed time window.

If the prizes too are not enough, publicize your commitment. Go tell your boss that you’re going to get your report ready for the meeting. Call your loyal customer and assign a delivery date for a product. Just get into serious commitment and kick your butt.

You will find no way but to move on.

Disclaimer: This method involves some risk; if you don’t keep up to the commitment, you will face serious consequences.

Find the pattern

I believe that nothing occurs in a random way, as far as human life is concerned (well as far as individuals are concerned, at least). There is an “order” in everything; there is a pattern.

Note down the days you feel sluggish on a calendar. You will surely find a pattern. For me, those days occur on Fridays and Saturdays.

Fridays are because of the almost burned out week. I am all so tired of working the whole week, so I really can’t move things fast on Fridays. Plus the “weekend” mood sets in quite fast – right after lunch!

Saturdays are sluggish days for me because I know I can really be sluggish and that its weekend. I can be as lazy as I want and no one will question me. I usually am sluggish on Saturday on purpose.

So find out the days of the week and even more precisely times of the day you are sluggish. Be prepared and improvise!

You can pick up to do light, entertaining yet productive tasks on those days. You can choose to go to the gym or treat yourself with a eat out the day before to improve your mood. You can avoid important meetings that will cost you a fortune on those days etc. You can really adjust yourself and be prepared to face those days.

Final note: It is not always necessary that you “need” to keep things moving on a sluggish day. If you’re sluggish on a Saturday or Sunday, when you have no commitments you can simply enjoy being lazy.

Your body and mind needs such “cool” periods once in a while. Just make you are not too sluggish!

Your thoughts?

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