Find Out Why You Are Procrastinating: 6 Possible Reasons

Find Out Why You Are Procrastinating: 6 Possible Reasons

Find Out Why You Are Procrastinating: 6 Possible Reasons

Procrastination is a plague, right? It is something that can demolish your dreams – I am talking from experience here!

I used to be a very bad procrastinator during my college days. I studied well; I got two gold medals. It was not about my studies. But when it comes to work related to home, I used to be a big procrastinator. I will never do tasks that are my responsibility, on time, ever!

At that time, I was living with my parents – so even though I delayed on tasks, I did not feel the the “impact” of my procrastination. But the bad thing is that I got used to this – I never got to realize the side effects of procrastination until I went to the U.K for my Ph.D. There, I was all alone, on my own.

So everything from paying the bills to buying groceries were my responsibility. That is when I started to realize the (really bad) power of procrastination. Every time I procrastinate on something, I immediately and powerfully realized the effect of it. And, I had to face it all alone, coz I didn’t have my parents there to right my wrongs or make things straight for me.

So if you are one who wants to achieve your dreams, you gotta check on your procrastination. You might find it surprising that I talk about “dreams” which is a big thing while I am talking about everyday responsibilities. But yes there is a strong connection.

You get to accomplish your dreams via small steps; via small responsibilities. The little steps you take sincerely in your every day life builds the discipline you need to accomplish your goals in a strategic manner.

Are you the one who dreams about achieving heights but wonder why you haven’t yet reached there? Have you realized that this is due to your habit of procrastination?

Well that is a good start! But you still wonder why you keep procrastinating, right? Read on to know 6 reasons that might possibly the cause for your procrastination.

You know, in this post I am not going to give you “tips” on dealing with procrastination. Rather, I am helping you finding out the root cause, so you deal with it strategically.

No goal

When you are not sure about what you want to accomplish, you set that task aside and start thinking about it (or day dreaming) or choose another task.

This ‘undefined’ task will be on your list until you set clear goals about what to achieve and have an action plan for the same. This is the most common reason that people end up hesitating in starting a task, thus procrastinating the same.


When you got too much on your plate, you get overwhelmed. Everyone gets overwhelmed once in a while. But keeping too many things on your plate all the time is neither good for your personal and business life, nor good for your health!

When a particular task has to be done amidst a heap of other important tasks, you simply choose to procrastinate that task; it might sound as if you are doing it for good, but it isn’t actually. This usually happens when you are not good at prioritizing tasks, you could have avoided the overwhelming feeling otherwise.

Tasks of no interest

When a task involves actions that are so boring, say if it will take half a day waiting at an office, or (as crazy as you might think) involves intense copy-paste, then it is natural to postpone it. This is not so serious, since it is good to postpone such tasks, rather than being unproductive. You can rather choose another task that is of interest to you to refresh your mind and body and take up this task at a later time.

Here’s where “good procrastination” comes into play. Read this post for more details > How to use procrastination for good?

Tasks that demand more than your expertise

When you have no background knowledge that is required to execute a task, you need to gain expertise first. Such tasks will appear alarming and you simply won’t have the confidence to start it until you think that you have got enough expertise to deal with it.

So you procrastinate the task until you gain the required expertise. This is not bad, unless you take a very long time in which case you may be demotivated.

You can overcome this type of procrastination simply by delegating the tasks on which you are not an expert at or by learning those skills that are needed to do that task.

Fear of failure

In this case you don’t start tasks fearing about what will happen after – in most cases, you have questions like: “What people will think about it?” or “What if I fail?

You hesitate to start and this hesitation slowly builds up into something big leading to multiple procrastinations. You just need to overcome this fear by tuning into yourself and trusting your instincts; somehow make your mind to be prepared for any kind of a result.

Just tell yourself that you won’t care about the result but will simply put your hard work in place.


You probably don’t need an explanation for this. In this case, you procrastinate things because you are just lazy and it is so hard for you to sit on your butt and get things done. You simply cannot kick start your first draft. You just have to make up your mind and overcome the laziness that makes you to postpone your tasks for no reason.

Hope you found these causes useful. In the comments below, let me know the most prominent cause for YOUR procrastination.


  1. says

    Many projects run without any goal set or any documented plan. I think this is the main reason for failure. Of course the other reasons sounds quite probable too.

  2. says

    Hi Jane,

    I find that fear also leads to procrastination. Often we set things to the side because we are scared of failing or what others may think of us. This fear leads us to create excuses and the excuses keep us from doing what we need to be successful.

  3. says

    One of things that causes me to procrastinate is when I don’t really like what I am doing. I tend to get bored easily and will eventually divert my attention to unproductive things that lead to my procrastination like to much rest or too much facebook.

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