New Year Resolution: Is Yours Meaningful Or Totally Pointless?

New Year Resolution: Is Yours Meaningful Or Totally Pointless?

new year resolution

Have you taken your resolution for 2013? A New Year is a great time to take resolutions. Most people do. But what’s the point?

Why do we make resolutions in New Year? Do we keep them till the end of the year? If not what’s wrong? I’m going to discuss these points in this post.

What’s the point of making New Year resolutions?

The whole concept of New Year resolution is to give ourselves a goal point or a target for the year. A new year is like a blank book. You can make it the way you want.

Since it is all blank you gotta write something on it. Your new year resolutions help you write something on the blank book – the new year you have ahead of you.

In this sense, its great to have a goal. So it is good to make new year resolutions.

If you don’t make any resolutions, it is somewhat true that you will start a new year without a fixed goal or a clear vision about your personal life or your business.

So a new year resolution will help you plan ahead, dream ahead, visualize ahead how your life or business will be at the end of the year, or how you want it to be.

If you don’t visualize anything regarding your life or business, then you probably will start the year and progress without anything much meaningful or even anything at all.

When will a new year resolution go pointless?

If it is forgotten right away. Sadly, in most cases new year resolutions are forgotten on the 2nd of January. Well, may be I’m exaggerating a bit, but yes, its gets forgotten before January ends.

Why? This could be because of any or all of the following reasons:

1. You took the resolution simply because you had to and not because you wanted to.

2. You took the resolution because everyone around you was taking one.

3. You took the resolution just for the sake of it, but really didn’t mean it.

4. You took a wrong resolution.

5. You took an unrealistic resolution.

And yes, a new year resolution becomes so pointless because of the above mentioned reasons. Let me address each one of those a bit more in detail –

1. You took the resolution simply because you had to and not because you wanted to

Who said that there “should” be a resolution with every new year? There is no rule and it is not written on any stone. You can start a new year without a resolution and do just fine.

In fact it is far better to have no resolution at all rather than taking a resolution and force yourself for the first few days and then leave it aside and finish the year off with a guilty feeling.

Remember there is no rule that you have to take a new year resolution. Don’t force yourself on it.

2. You took the resolution because everyone around you was taking one

Imitating others won’t work here. If you take a resolution it is going to be for the good of your life and/or your business.

If you take a resolution just because a friend of yours is making one, its not gonna hold for long.

I see that there are websites that give you “ready made” new year resolutions. You can simply go and pick one.

Although such websites can give you an “idea” of what a new year resolution could be, it won’t fit you perfectly if its not meant for you.

It is your life and your business, so do not make a resolution just because your friend is making one. Make it your resolution.

3. You took the resolution just for the sake of it, but really didn’t mean it

This is a direct by product of #1 above. Since you simply make a resolution thinking you “have to”, you just make a resolution for the sake of it. Say, you make a resolution that you will quit smoking this year.

If you really meant it, you will take the necessary actions and try your very best to make it. But if you really didn’t mean it, you are not going to even remember your resolution when you wake up after the new year party.

Don’t be too spontaneous to take a new year resolution. If you really want to benefit from the resolution, take the time to think about the resolution and make a meaningful one.

4. You took a wrong resolution

Oh yes, you took the wrong one. Instead of making  it about thing “a” you were focusing on thing “b”. Be it your business or personal life, if you point your energy and hard work in the wrong direction you are not going to hit the target.

There is no point in wondering at the end of the year what went wrong.

You could have taken a good new year resolution, you could have remembered it and worked for it throughout the year sincerely. But if you didn’t achieve it, you probably took the wrong road.

So, reassess your new year resolution now, rather than wondering at the end of the year.

5. You took an unrealistic resolution

Make it a point that you put yourself on a road that you can travel on. If you’ve been a chain smoker for 10 years, don’t make a resolution that you will quit smoking this year.

That’s pretty unrealistic.

Rather you can try taking small reasonable steps. Say, you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Try this for a few months and if it works, you can go about reducing the number still.

If the resolution is unrealistic there is an extremely high chance that you will simply ignore it very soon.

So did you make a resolution this year? What is it? And do you plan to review your resolution to actually make it meaningful? Please open up in the comments!


  1. says

    Hi Jane,

    I think the reason we often fail to keep our resolutions is because they involve changing deep-seated habits, and that doesn’t come easily. I’ve recently read a post (by Margarita) about the fact that if we want to keep our resolutions, we must really want to change, at a subconscious level – that’s quite a challenge! The question is, do we REALLY want to change?

    I’ve made quite a few resolutions this year – one is to get enough sleep and stop burning the midnight oil. Another is to give thanks for all the positive things that happen to me – I’ve actually started a ‘jar of awesome’ as recommended by Miss Kesha, to help me with this one, and I put my first little note of thanks in it yesterday for a lovely surprise someone gave me.

    Happy New Year to you, Jane – I hope 2013’s a good one for you!


  2. says

    You’re right Jane. We need resolutions to make changes for the better. They serve as our goals for the year and without these goals we are not going in any direction. In life we always need purpose to motivate us in doing things.

  3. Joy says

    Resolution should come within yourself, be humble and be real. Create resolution that you are longing to achieve, and the resolutions that will surely make you a better person.

  4. says

    Hey Jane,
    I am very bad at keeping my resolution intact for the whole year. Few years back, honestly I used to take up a resolution just because of the fact that my friends were taking it, and just to keep pace I also used to frame a resolution for myself. But this year I honestly made a resolution,not for my friends but for my own sake. To make the resolution achievable, I have planned out a bi-monthly resolution thing, where I have framed six resolutions for 2013, and each resolution is to be achieved in two months. Let’s see how the process goes. Thanks

  5. Fatima says

    These are very creative thoughts you have shared here. Resolutions and goals are achieved if only there is a strong drive to do so. Thanks for the share.

  6. Kristine says

    I actually opted out of making a resolution this year. It feels so restricting and mandatory. I’d prefer for improvement than giving my self of to-do lists.

  7. Stacey says

    Every year I have the same resoution, and that is to loose weight, LOL. I think i should change it or revise it a little bit.

  8. Kelly says

    And because of my failed ‘resolutions’ for the past 24 years I have decided to cut the crap and just improve my life this year without making a huge fuss about it.

  9. Calra says

    I love resolutions. I make one every year and end up doing more than half of it successfully. I guess people will just have to be more focused on their goals in cases like this.

  10. says

    I strongly agree that there is no rule that you should make resolutions each year. I myself have started the previous two years without actually making new year’s resolution. 2013 is different though. I have few resolutions that until now I intend to keep as a goal that I should reach. This is a very good post. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

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