How important is discipline in your day-to-day life?

How important is discipline in your day-to-day life?

How important is discipline in your day-to-day life

Being disciplined is good. But most of us never want to believe this fact. It is because being disciplined is not always so easy and comfortable. If we want to be disciplined there comes in a lot of constraints and rules.

People hate rules; me included. But since it is good, finding a compelling reason to be disciplined will help us all to practise the same. I will focus on 5 benefits of being disciplined in an effort to convince our minds to lead a disciplined life.

Note: I am not talking about moral discipline. Please don’t translate ‘discipline’ in this post to ‘moral standards’.


The first thing that comes with a disciplined living is being systematic. It is like rules set very straight. There are routines that you follow every day and you are committed (or forced :)) to stick to it.

If you are systematic, you are very predictable, you manage time better and people around you can live peacefully because they know when to expect what from you.

Others will know when you will come to the office, how much time will you take to complete a particular project, when will you say NO and so on. When people learn to expect only certain things from you and when people come to know your abilities, life becomes much easier.

You don’t have to explain things from the start every time. Things around you will work like being automated. That eliminates a lot of unwanted stress too.

Eliminate bad habits

If you lead a disciplined life you have no chances to encourage bad habits. You either won’t have time for those or you simply cannot accommodate or adopt yourself to spending time and money on bad habits.

You are more concerned about your health, productivity, business, family and well-being and hence there is almost no chance to encourage bad habits.

Encourage good habits

Good habits are part of discipline. If you go ahead and lead a disciplined life, your life is just comprised of good habits. I am not saying that you are a clean slate.

But you are not a filthy pig either. You are more concerned about keeping up with your schedule and the action plan you made. You develop the right skills and appropriate talents necessary to improve your business and/or personal life and well being.

Being disciplined is a good habit in itself and once you are used to it, you cannot avoid being disciplined. It becomes a natural practice by itself. Other good habits come as by products.

Boosted self-esteem

A disciplined life brings in more self-confidence. This automatically boosts one’s self esteem. A disciplined person is more confident and determined about what they are about to.

Moreover, you cannot stop a disciplined person from not having a goal and an action plan (sometimes, more action plans for one goal). This means more reliability. People who lead a disciplined life can easily tackle issues.

Once it becomes established that you are a reliable person and that your expertise can be trusted upon, this boosts your self-esteem. As a result you become more confident too. See, it works either ways.

Increased name and fame

Of course, when other people find you to be systematic and productive they come to you to buy your products. They come to you to get advice. You become popular, so does your business and personal status.

A disciplined life is not an impossible thing. It can be easily achieved by practise. Even though it may seem hard to keep up with the pace, once it is set up, you will be on auto pilot.

How disciplined are you? Do you intend to develop a disciplined life schedule in the future?


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    Hey Jane,
    Nice article once again. Discipline is very much important for any work . But most of us don’t like discipline pressure. I understand the reason behind your post and really appreciate your work.

    Thanks and regards
    Ritul Gangwar

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