Good Procrastination: How To Use Procrastination For Good!

Good Procrastination: How To Use Procrastination For Good!

Good Procrastination: How To Use Procrastination For Good!

Procrastination is a word of caution or an alert for people who are conscious about time management. For the rest, it is something they do in their day to day activities or it is their habit. They even don’t realize that they are procrastinating; it has become so conventional for them.

However, no matter if you are aware of it or not, if you are procrastinating, you are not managing your time in the right way and you are missing a lot of time juice.

Well there is good news. If you knowingly or unknowingly are having procrastination as a habit, you can use it for good. You can use it to manage your time the better way. Instead of procrastinating anything and everything or instead of procrastinating important tasks, you use your procrastinating habit for the following.

Procrastinate interruptions/distractions

We know very well that distractions are number one reasons that take us in diverted and diversified paths, leading to nothing but a waste of time. An attention grabbing (useless) email, TV, unwanted phone call, online social media distractions and many more are in the list that distract us from what we are doing.

If we get distracted by any of the slightest distractions and miss what we were doing or leave something incomplete, this means that we postpone the important task or the job for the distraction. That’s bad procrastination (so you now ask me if there is something called ‘good procrastination’. Well, read on..)!

Now try doing the reverse. Simply procrastinate the distraction and do you important task now. I am not talking about getting rid of distractions and unplugging, because I know that people also want to do things that they enjoy rather than being productive always.

So you do not need to completely get rid of distractions or entertainments, just procrastinate them. Set yourself a rule or a limit and restrict yourself so that you either turn on the TV or login to Twitter only after you complete your present task or job. This can be a good motivator too.

You can be both productive and at the same time enjoy by spending time on something you enjoy.

Procrastinate for flexibility

Let’s say you are working on something and you chose to do it now. But if you are not for it now (I mean not in the mind set to do it, not really prepared yet, not having enough manpower, or if it is not the right time to do this particular task), it is good to procrastinate it for a while and take up another task, rather than sitting with a blank mind on the current task.

Be wise and use the time to the fullest to get out the best possible result.

Procrastinate perfectionism

Nope you have got to seriously postpone this item. You want to be perfect, that’s your wish. But don’t put up a big tent and dwell inside. You won’t find a day to come out of it if you want yourself to be perfect the day you are out. It will never happen.

No one is perfect, and to be perfect is ugly in my opinion. Imperfections are your traits and that’s what makes every person unique and beautiful (Okay I am talking so much philosophy here!).

Anyways, don’t wait for a day when you will write the world’s perfect dissertation, or when you will be ready to give the perfect project presentation. Just put in your best and do your job. Don’t keep on redoing or rechecking it to make it perfect. Now, I am not telling you to just do the job and pass the ball to the next person, even it is imperfect.

Don’t get rid of perfectionism, but only postpone it. Get the job done. As appropriate, either you yourself evaluate it after a while or let people give you suggestions and constructive criticism. But don’t let the job wait until it gets perfect.

In my opinion, “perfect” is a relative word and what appears to be perfect to you may not appear perfect to your boss, right?

Procrastinate quadrant III tasks

Gosh! You probably already know about Stephen Covey’s four quadrants. And what lies in quadrant III are tasks that are Urgent but not important. These tasks make the most to grab your attention. These are the ones that are so tempting and ask your attention RIGHT NOW!

But you should hold the temptation. Just procrastinate it. You cannot, I mean, if you do not have a strong will power, you cannot stop doing those tasks. But you can manage to postpone them for a while, and for a while and then for a while.

Just keep on procrastinating these tasks as they are not important to you and you will still live without doing them.

So are you prepared to use procrastination for good? That’s great!


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    Jane, I love this post! I’ve known too many people that wait until something is perfect and then it never is and they never complete it. It remains a dream to them. It’s like the old Nike slogan “Just Do It.” I have to get better at the reverse procrastination like shutting off my Twitter feed as I’m reading and writing. Thanks for these great tips and reminders Jane. Have a wonderful day.

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    Awesome. Who ever thought that procrastination can be positive. You have shown clear instances where procrastination can be used to one’s advantage. I particularly love the piece which encourages us to procrastinate perfectionism.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I am off to tweet this

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