How Being Creative Makes you Productive?

How Being Creative Makes you Productive?

How Being Creative Makes you Productive?

We all know that creativity is good, or even great. It is however a skill, and can be developed only upon practice. Although we all have the creativity nerve installed in us by default, we have to find ways to boost it.

Boosting something by practice takes time and energy and hence not everyone would want to do it. However, if I say that you can get more productive by being creative won’t you give it a try?

Here are some crucial stuff you get out by being creative; so make up your mind to practise and develop your creativity.

Creative goals

Making creative goals is a lot fun. However, the goals should be realistic. Executing creative goals is also fun and hence gives you an interest to work towards the goal. In other words, creative goals can easily motivate you to work on them.

What are creative goals? Goals which are realistic but which can be crazy, invented by you, unimaginable, forbidden as ‘impossible’ by many (or by you yourself) etc. are creative goals.

But being too adventurous is risky. The point is this- When you are creative you can think about a set of goals around a point and not just one boring goal.

It is creating a group of goals; each goal in the group is closely related or very slightly different from the other. And, achieving any one goal in the group takes about the same time, energy and hard work.

You can say that there is no big difference. But now you have got a handful of goals to choose from. You reach any one goal in the group and you can reach all of them damn easily (because they are so close).

If you are bored with targeting and working towards one goal, you can shift to another similar goal in the group and work towards it.

Creative plans

These are as sexy as the goals themselves. And mostly, creative persons take risks and take adventurous paths. They also have multiple action plans to proceed towards their goal(s).

Normally when you have a single action plan for a goal, there are very high chances that something may go wrong at some point of your action plan.

Reacting to unexpected events

A creative person never reacts to unexpected events in a conventional manner. Swearing, doomed, feeling hopeless, quitting job, or something similar is too conventional.

A creative person can always work out alternate ways. He/She can make good use of unexpected events too. They just make everything useful.

Reacting to failures

Creative persons react in different creative ways to failures; I’ve seen it myself many times. They don’t sit upset or hopeless upon the occurrence of a failure.

First of all such a person learns many things from their failures. They easily identify the possible causes of failures, possible mistakes, possible circumstances and many other things that contribute to the failure.

In addition, they anticipate failures easily in future (much easier compared to a non-creative person) and plan out alternate ways to avoid the same.

Making use of criticism

Criticisms are often times discouraging. Even if the criticism is a positive feedback that helps one to improve, it is not so easy to take the comment. However, it is highly healthy for our progress if we make good use of constructive criticism.

On the other hand, there are also false criticisms that are aimed personally at us. Such criticisms do no good but are simply aimed at our personal selves.

So it is important that we simply neglect such false criticisms and just proceed in the way we were originally doing good. If we attempt to give importance to such unwanted criticisms our progress will be in trouble.

Creative people make right use of genuine criticisms and are not offended by false ones. They also follow creative ways to deal with people who criticise for their fun.

Making use of time

A creative person does not waste time. And, more importantly, he makes effective use of time. When there is time, and not enough favourable situations to execute a planned task, a creative person thinks of an alternate task to manage time effectively.

He does not wait for the right time, rather makes every available time and opportunity to be the right one.

Are you convinced to practise some creativity?


  1. noel says

    i now understand how creativity can makes me productive. when i made a mistake i learn from these mistakes and take a new lifestyle. i think all those things is to be creative. creativity doesn’t only means create some project but if you know how to plan your life, avoid a lot of mistake, you can be a productive person.

  2. John says

    just learn from my mistakes on tasks and i adapt a new style of work while changing the environment of the lace i work in.

  3. Leah says

    Thanks, great post! At least some of your thoughts are true about about me, but not the last two! I am very sensitive to criticism although I fight with myself, and I do not waste my time, but a little of discipline and order in my schedule would be desirable!))) So, I am not a perfect embodiment of creativity yet!)

  4. Wanda says

    Making use of criticism, that is what I do the most but need to think more about the others! 😀

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