How To Complete Tasks In A Given Time?

How To Complete Tasks In A Given Time?

How To Complete Tasks In A Given Time

This is possibly the biggest question in your life if you are reading this post. Everybody encounters this problem in everyday life – managing day-to-day tasks amongst busy schedules and deadlines (possibly also the word hated by most people).

We can always not complete the assigned tasks in time and provide reasons for the doing so. Of course, we will certainly have reasons for not doing something.

The point is: Is it healthy to do so?

Certainly not – because not doing something means that the task is either postponed or rejected. Continuous postponing will result in accumulation of tasks and it is really hard to break the chain later.

If we don’t complete tasks in a given time we need to put a lot of time and effort, usually way more than it is actually required, to finally catch up with the schedule. Similarly one cannot simply survive by rejecting the tasks. This will spoil their career and it might be a full stop to their business.

So how to complete tasks in a given time? Here are 3 key tips to do this.

Not Procrastinating

Procrastination is often considered as the best solution to put off work and the accompanying pressure. Most of us don’t realize that by procrastinating, we are not reducing the pressure but building it up to erupt one day, not so later.

The time taken to reject or postpone a task can simply be used to actually doing the task. I have written a post on the characteristics of procrastinators and why people procrastinate, so I will not go into the details here.

The point is, in telling yourself to do this later and repeating the same several times a day, you will gain nothing but lose hell lot of time and effort. The time you think that you save today by procrastinating should be put to use in double to accomplish the same task tomorrow among tomorrow’s other tasks.

Likewise, by procrastinating, you already preoccupy tomorrow and there is no room for the actual tasks of tomorrow. This is nothing but making things worse.

Misjudging the time needed

Every task requires some fixed amount of time to be completed. So when you are about to take up a task, it is up to you to decide the time you need to accomplish it.

The time to accomplish a particular task differs from person to person. Some will finish the work in an hour while the same work will take a couple of hours for others depending on their knowledge and expertise in the field. People’s working style also differs.

So you know yourself. Allotting the correct amount of time you think will be needed to finish a task is a good practice. Such people will not have the chance to complain that they were not given enough time.

If you need to attend a meeting at 9’0 clock in the morning, you plan your travel, taking into account the waiting times at the cross road signals, possible traffic jams and so on. Similar is the case with working on your tasks. You know the time you need to finish the task, you know the deadline, so the start the task accordingly.

You should also allow enough time and anticipate any unexpected situations like, you getting sick, not getting proper response from a client and so on – not every project would go as you’ve planned; you got to remember that!

Being Organized

Being organized is one of the prime requirements in order to be productive. You could simply waste 2 minutes per project in looking for client addresses.

Adding up, this may end up in an hour wasted if you deal with 30 projects a day. Alternatively you could spend ten minutes a day in maintaining a file for client addresses for each project.

Disorganized persons simply waste time in doing the same things again and again and they are not able to work effectively. The time and effort they spend in doing 10 things a day can be used to actually accomplish twenty things in the same day.

Hope these tips helped. Let me know if you got any tips to complete tasks in time. On the flip side, what makes you drag your feet on things that you need to complete on a deadline? Share in the comments!


  1. says

    Inspirational. This is the problem faced by everyone every time. We should always remember “Time is Money” and keep on working.If the time is gone and so are the money so for eg. Completing the projects in given time are so necessary.Thanks for sharing this article Jane.

  2. says

    Hi Jane! I thought I would return the favor and check out your blog! Great Article as well as a very nice blog you have here.

    I love your advice about staying organized and do agree that this alone will help all of us become more productive. Great Post Thanks for sharing Chery :))

  3. says

    Jane, thanks for writing. I am obsessive sometimes about completing tasks. There are times that I follow my plan to the letter and then other times when I don’t “feel” like it. Adding tasks to my calendar is one way to ensure that I get stuff done during pre-scheduled times. It also gives me the opportunity to say, “No!” to friends/family who may want to dominate my time.

    Anywho, thanks for taking the time to write. At least now I know that I’m not alone here.

  4. says

    Hello Ms. Jane

    Thank you for this necessary post.
    I think sometimes tasks are not completed, because we have too much on the plate and we have misjudged the amount of time required for each task.
    I try my best, but I have to be honest, sometimes things come up unexpected.

    Again, thank you Jane

    Gladys posted.

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