8 Tips To Boost Your Happiness

8 Tips To Boost Your Happiness

8 Tips To Boost Your Happiness

Happiness is a wonderful blessing and it is one of the most important ingredients for a peaceful and successful life.

Happiness is something that every person should find on his/her own. No one can expect another person to give him/her happiness. So why should you be happy at all? Why am I talking about this amidst other important things here at this blog?

1. Happiness creates charm around you and within you.2. It boosts your positive thinking.

3. It boosts your creativity.

4. It makes you a charming and memorable personality.

5. It backs you up to success.

6. Good for your health!

Convinced to be happy? Convinced that you need to boost your happiness?

Being happy, even if you don’t bother about it, is very important both for your personal life and business. Well, lets dive in for some tips to boost your happiness.

Live the present

You can neither undo your past nor can you define a future. Then why should you worry about those times that are not at your hands right now?

Present is the only guaranteed time you have to live your life and relish every moment of it. Of course, I am not saying that you should not think about your future, but just do not put the problems over your head.

Past can kill you. Only do remember happy moments and lessons you learned from your mistakes. Do not remember and keep vengeance or envy at your heart. This will destroy your happiness and make your stressed.

With the future, you can always plan for a bright future. You can always take steps and work hard to shine in the future. But there is no point in being “worried” about future since that will take you nowhere but make the situation worse.

Be thankful and contented

Be thankful to God (or someone more appropriate as you think) for all you have in life. Be contented.

Think of those who are denied of the basic aspects of living, think of the poor and needy. Your life is far more blessed than most of the people in the world. So be happy.

Have a religious connection

This will give you a inner happiness, but I give you a word of caution – if you are not the kind of person who is not very religious, then don’t choose this option. Otherwise, a spiritual connection will breathe happiness to your life.

Express yourself

Share your successes, failures, thoughts, ambitions to your friends or family. Sharing helps you stay happy. Sharing reduces your burdens. Sharing is a way of ventilating your grievances. It also multiplies your joy and makes you feel high.

When you are in trouble you need to share it with someone to get yourself relieved of the solid feeling. In this process you may get useful suggestions and tips from your friends/family so that you can escape the situation and finally be happy.

Even if they can’t help you, a mere sharing is worth a lot and makes you feel light.

When you are in joy or when you have just had some success, don’t hesitate to share it. This will multiply your joy and make it long lasting.

Do well with time management

Efficient time management makes you feel comfortable and confident. Pending works gives a lot of unnecessary worries and pressure that ruins your happiness.

When you are effectively managing your time, you stay in peace. You are not bombarded by unexpected or forgotten deadlines, works and downtimes with your career. This will save you from stress and hence will keep you happy.

Manage anger

I don’t have to explain a lot about this. Everyone knows that anger is just the enemy of happiness, both yours and others. This post will help you take control of anger > Six effective ways to manage anger.

Say no to depressive input

Never engage in negative, depressive or pessimistic conversations. Do not present yourself in such discussions. Always participate in positive and constructive conversations.

Negative or depressive thoughts can also come into you through unwanted information. When you are used to wasting time over Television or mindless browsing, you may come across so many negative stories.

All these will disturb your happiness, so avoid them.

Have honest and faithful friends around

Friends are a true blessing; they give you joy for sure. When you are among your friends you feel a lot lighter and happier.

When friends are around you everywhere (I mean, have friends at work place, near your house, in the pubs, markets etc.) you naturally smile a lot. And, sharing things become too easy.

Not to mention, with the advent of tech gadgets and social media networks, connecting with friends should not be a big deal.

Happiness makes you live a peaceful and a long life. Don’t ruin or shorten your life by being worried. Wish you happiness and success.

How do you manage to boost your happiness in your day to day life? What are the challenges you experience? Share them with us!


  1. says

    “if you are not the kind of person who is not very religious, then don’t choose this option. Otherwise, a spiritual connection will breathe happiness to your life.”

    I am really happy with this sentence ” A spiritual connection will breath happiness to your life” So why we won’t accept this spiritual connection among all of us ?

  2. says

    Hi Jane,
    Great Post I agree with most of the things but I want to add one thing that is never worry. Worry makes you ill from inside and you lose your focus…

  3. says

    I basic funda of happiness is – Do not expect anything from anyone. The tips given above, though, are also awesome and I will definitely integrate them in my already happy life. Thanks for sharing.

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