3 Causes And Effects of Laziness

3 Causes And Effects of Laziness

When was the last time you felt you were being lazy? Did you then realize what were the causes of your laziness? Well, being lazy is not a disease, it is a habit. You are lazy because you were not born so, but you have chose to be lazy. I will tell you three things that cause laziness. Sometimes these three things are also the effect or result of laziness.



You procrastinate because you are lazy; you are lazy because you procrastinate. It works either ways. One causes the other and the vice versa. While there are so many other reasons for procrastinating a task, the most common and the straightforward reason is laziness. Laziness requires no reason to postpone a task. When you begin to procrastinate few times, it easily becomes a habit. And, it is one of the cool ways to escape a boring or a difficult task. Rather than totally avoiding the task, you just postpone it. This gives you a good feeling that you are not avoiding a task but you will certainly take care of it at a later time, when you feel better and when you get to the mood of doing it.

The tip:

Whenever a task comes in,

(i) deal with it now or

(ii) find a right time for the task and allocate; make it a point that you deal with the task at the allocated time and place, no matter what happens without postponing or

(iii) delegate it.

Giving excuses


Do you want to escape ‘doing’ things and start giving excuses? You are getting lazy because of this. If you stop find out excuses to escape or postpone a task and get into the business of actually doing it, then you can overcome your laziness.

Here are some straightforward examples-

“I will go to the bank tomorrow because it is raining now“; you actually travel by a car and rain does no harm to you!

“I will deal with this write up tomorrow because I am just not in the mood“; that is fine, take a brisk walk or get a cup of coffee and do it right now!

“I will delegate the tasks to my team members next week because I myself don’t know much about the project“; just get to know about it today!

Over 99% of the time the excuses are lame. They are not reasonable. And for the 1%, if it is a genuine excuse, it doesn’t need so much time to deal with. For instance, one week to get to know about the project might be too much. One day could be fine. If it is a genuine excuse, see if you allow yourself only genuine amount of time or resources and not much.

The comfort zone


If you are in the comfort zone, you are very comfortable. You wouldn’t want to come out and wet your feet. You wouldn’t want to get out of the warm couch. Your comfort zone is your vortex. If you get into it, you are most likely trapped there forever. Just get out of it.

Find a compelling reason and a solid motivation to get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself beyond limits. Once you are out of the zone everything else will follow. If your reason and motivation doesn’t work in getting you out of the zone, try setting up a deadline.

Being lazy because of a comfort zone is worse than being lazy by finding excuses. With excuses, you at least try to justify things, even though it is not good for your productivity. While in a comfort zone, you resist to get you feet wet. You don’t want to learn skills that will help you continue your work. You don’t want to sit on your butt and just type out your report.

While procrastination and finding excuses can be relatively easily overcome, the comfort zone thing will stick to you as a habit, quite easily. Since you are too comfortable with it you wouldn’t want to get rid of it. Get the help of your will power.

Do you suffer from these three things? Do you have a success story of overcoming them?


  1. says

    Harsh but very true Jane, some excuses are simply not justifiable for laziness. Lifestyle has much to do with how lazy we can become. The thing I’ve found in the past is that if you let it take hold of you too many times it is even harder to regiment yourself out of being lazy.

    Admittedly I’ve found myself in situations of where I just simply couldn’t be bothered to do things that are essential. But often after a hit at the gym or a shower and some food and I’m fully focused again. Great post.

    • Jane says

      Hey Fabrizio, that’s so true. Sometimes I’m so stuck and purposefully lazy. At times I just get some fresh air, and I will be back quite soon :)

  2. says


    I am the master procrastinator! I have learned if I do not do it now, it almost won’t even get done. But the problem is when I do it now I get sidetracked from what I was originally doing. Some call this “multitasking” I consider it “sidetracking” and it gets on my last nerve when I do it.

    My goal this year is FOCUS. Then I won’t feel like I didn’t accomplish anything or worse…feel lazy.


  3. says

    true true and true!!!i gotta admit i too have been lazy on several occasions!especially waking up in the morning!But as you said sometimes we simply don’t have a good reason but are simply being lazy!

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